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AliExpress couponsValidity
Aliexpress coupon code with 7€ discount for orders over 50€Expires N/A
8€ discount coupon on Aliexpress orders over 80€Expires N/A
Get 12€ discount with this coupon on orders over 100€Expires December 14, 2020
Save $4 if your order exceed $20Expires January 14, 2021
Ali Express 10% discount codeExpires December 31, 2022
3€ discount if your today’s Aliexpress order exceed 35€Expired
$8 discount code for any order over $80 valueExpired
Get now $12 discount if your order exceed $110Expired
For new buyers only! $4 discount if your order exceed $5Expired
Get now $9 discount if your order exceed $90Expired

Last check: 11/03/2022

Aliexpress coupon

How to use the AliExpress coupon

When you have an AliExpress promotional code you must first check whether the seller accepts such coupon, to take advantage of the discounts on his online store.

AliExpress promo code

Once you’re past that step, the only thing left to do is complete your order by paying the cost of your cart with the promotion applied.
In summary, here are the steps to benefit from Aliexpress promo codes and coupons:

  1. Make your selection of items on
  2. Validate your cart
  3. Enter the Aliexpress coupon code
  4. Proceed to payment

Discounts and sales on AliExpress

On AliExpress there are regularly discounts and promotional sales. The most significant sales days are usually focused on particular dates and anniversaries of the Asian country where the store is located and in the world.
These holidays allow affiliated sellers to advertise their products, make seasonal sales, or promote new ones. The particular sales days are often beneficial for customers, but especially for traders, who attract buyers on their pages, promote themed products, and prepare discounts and coupons.

Coupon Codes

The promotional codes of AliExpress that allow you to buy different items at discounted prices have expiration dates and usually within a month there are two or three dates useful for customers who intend to use them.
To take advantage of promotional codes scheduled for the year 2019, we state what expires on February 28th and that will allow you to buy items for moms and babies for less than $5.

Always within the same date there is 20% discount on sportswear, and in some cases, there are also discounts of 50 and 50/75 percent on items such as shoes, headbands and clothing, and 20/50 percent on products like helmets and seats for bicycles.
These items listed are just some of the coupon codes available on AliExpress for the month of February of 2019, and the month-to-month list will always be completely up to date.

Discount on Products

As for the discounts on products available on AliExpress, it is clearly stated that to get them is not necessary to have a promo code; In fact, to give an example, if you want to buy accessories for your car, you save 50%. You can also choose swimsuits for women, Nike running shoes and much more on AliExpress.
However, there are many more items that you can get at discounted prices, such as wall lamps, silicone tubes, glass coffee mugs, fashionable clothing, home products and all toys at really amazing prices!

Flash Offers

AliExpress distributes offers and discounts on a wide range of products available and coming soon. So, without further ado, let’s look at the details.
The limited time promotion has been divided into several categories, between the “chosen for You” personal products, electronic equipment, health and beauty, many home and garden to name a few. Each category has been further subdivided into two sections: Current and future.
The first section of the category, “chosen for you ” is crammed with all kinds of items that you can buy without worrying about spending a huge amount. For example: bracelets, ice cream molds, casual shoes, vacuum cleaners and much more.

Black Friday

AliExpress like all the stores that operate online participates every year at Black Friday. 2018 was really exciting for both sellers and customers and many different items were literally taken by assault.
There are already those who expect that Black Friday 2019 will attract a record number of visitors, buyers and above all a lot of merchandise available and with discounts that can also reach 70%.
Last year, Black Friday AliExpress customers were able to steal TVs, drones, smart phones, watches, handbags, shoes and many other items, big and small, economical, medium priced and expensive.

aliexpress coupons

Payment methods available on AliExpress

If you want to shop on AliExpress’s huge store, you need to know that there are several payment methods available. According to the Guide page, “How I pay for an article,” There are at least 11 different ways to buy what you have chosen.

payment methods aliexpress

Alipay is number 1 followed by Visa and Master Card debit or credit cards. In addition, there are various banking payment services such as Maestro and the possibility of transferring money through the Western Union and Yandex Money. Alipay is an online payment service owned by Alibaba and is very similar to PayPal, but can only be used to pay for goods and services online only on AliExpress.
In order to use AliPay you still have to associate a credit or debit card to the account. The transaction is very secure because the money is issued to the seller only when the buyer has received the goods.

Times and methods of delivery

AliExpress is one of the best online e-commerce retailers in the world. The other famous e-commerce giant Alibaba Group owns the majority of the stock package.
Many new customers are often confused about the timing and delivery methods adopted by store managers.
To be precise, most new buyers have no idea which delivery option to choose since this online retailer offers a myriad of them depending on the country of the customer’s membership.
One of the most popular shipping options is the AliExpress standard, which is mostly free and also provides tracking of merchandise day-to-day.

In both cases the exchange can be carried out without a problem, but it is necessary to add that some traders, if they do not accept the validity of the claim, must specify it so that the customer can set up before proceeding to buy.

AliExpress coupon: frequently Asked questions

Is there an AliExpress promotional code valid at the moment?

Yes, every month on AliExpress there are promotional codes that have a time duration, and refer to specific categories.
If, however, a month isn’t reflected, the code that refers to the product you are looking for, most likely will be available the next month and exactly the type that interests you.

How do I use the AliExpress coupon code?

The AliExpress coupon code is often not displayed or applied until you click the “buy ” link and then log on to the “Verify your order” page where you confirm your address, details, and payment method.
The ideal way to exploit the AliExpress coupon code is to know the total value of all the coupons applied. (For example: you have 11 coupons of $2 each, and for the items in your cart the different sellers will allow you a maximum of 5 coupons to apply to the various parts of the order.
After that, you can select coupon codes and use them at the same time that you make the transaction with the payment method you have chosen.

Is it possible to combine an AliExpress coupon with other offers?

Yes, you can use AliExpress coupons in any store and products on the page, and combine them with others, but in that case, you just have to add the ones you’re buying to the cart.
When you go to the payment page, you will be automatically applied if you reach the minimum purchase amount. For example: A voucher of $2 is valid for purchases of $5 or more, while if it is from $10 you can use it for purchases of $150 or more.

The AliExpress promo code doesn’t work. What should I do?

If the promo code doesn’t work there are a few things you need to consider. Specifically, you should check if it has expired. Otherwise, the advice is to contact AliExpress customer service which has a complete and easily accessible service network via its website.
To start your request, just select the reason you want to contact customer service. The system will try to find an appropriate answer to your problem. If that proves unsuccessful, you can also use our live chat room where a customer service agent should be able to help you.