AliExpress App

AliExpress is one of the largest shopping sites in the world. You’ll find practically everything: from electronics to clothes, from shoes to furniture, from musical instruments to mechanical parts. If what you’re looking for exists in China, it also exists on AliExpress.

Despite the popularity of this site, many are still not entirely sure that it is truly safe. Probably because they’re afraid of losing their money, or don’t know exactly how it works.

If you don’t fully trust AliExpress, this article will help you understand how to buy on the site without worries.
The first thing to do to use the app is to create an account on AliExpress. If you prefer, you can also do it on the site. Once registered, you can log in and start shopping. The site and the app are both simple to use: but if you use the app, you’ll get much better prices than the site. Although the difference amounts to a few cents, when the products begin to accumulate in your cart you’ll thank us for this useful advice.

app aliexpress

Through the app, you will be able to add necessary and convenient personal information for a better shopping experience, such as shipping address and preferences. For example, if you are interested in accessories and clothing, the app will not show you products related to other categories, but will only direct you to your specific choice of beautiful accessories and clothing items.

Purchases within the app

Now it’s time to make your first buy. You can look around in the app and see if you find something interesting or enter one or more keywords to search for something specific. By pressing the filters tab you can select a price range for the desired product ,or if you want ,the items displayed to enjoy free shipping. Once you’ve entered the desired filters, apply the changes and the search results should be in line with your interests. You can also customize the way the results are presented: from the highest to the lowest price or vice versa; based on the number of orders received; or seller ratings.

Select one of the search results and you will be presented with a brief description of the object. Scroll down and you will see a complete description, user feedback, store information and even a way to contact the seller if you have questions about the product that were not adequately clarified in the description.

AliExpress Home: the best way to use

On the main page of the app, Home, you can also find an almost endless series of offers and initiatives, such as the “Daily deals”, or daily discounts. These include products that are updated every day, and are sold at an exceptionally low prices for a limited time of twenty-four hours. Also in this section, the products are organized according to your tastes, filters and earlier searches.

Don’t waste too much time thinking about it, before you know it you’ll have to pay the full price again! Other interesting features of the home section are global picks, which are the most common choices among AliExpress users; as well as categories and lifestyle, which allow you to make purchases based on product categories or your lifestyle, respectively. In fact ,in this section,you can find the most bought brands and stores that, based on your previous searches, are recommended for you, or even ideas and inspirations for your first purchase on the app.

The second section is the Feed section, which display the stores you follow and those recommended for you, as well as the inspirations: posts containing products bought by other users and shared experiences. This section is particularly interesting for those who have never used the site: reading the comments of other users and seeing products that may interest you will help you get an idea of ​​the site and decide on the quality of the products.

The third section of the app is the Shopping Cart, which will be empty until your first potential purchase, but it is worth viewing as it has an additional category: “You may be interested”, where you will find further inspiration and ideas for future products to buy!

Finally, in the Account category, you will find all the technical information relating to your account: you can view the products you still have to pay for, which still have to be sent by the seller and that have already been sent to your address. You will also see the products purchased for which you have not yet left a comment and the open disputes associated with your account. Not only that, in this section you will be able to change the language in which you view the app, invite friends and contact the support center.

Through this page, you will also be able to access your wish list (the products you liked previously), the stores you follow, the products displayed and the coupons you can use.

Can you really trust AliExpress ?

AliExpress is a very respectable store, where you can find products at an extremely low prices. Though the waiting times for the arrival of the products can sometimes be long and tedious, with a bit of patience you’ll be able to grab the best products without having to lighten your wallet too much.
However, as with any other online shopping site or app, care and prudence are necessary to avoid disappointment with inappropriate purchases and poor products. By following our advice, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of this new market, without being pestered with annoying marketing operations and untrue advertising.
If we haven’t convinced you, try it yourself: AliExpress is waiting for you and your next purchases! Download it from the Apple Store or Google Play and start exploring!