Drones on AliExpress

If you’ve decided to join the twenty-first century and buy your first drone, AliExpress is a great site to start your search. Using the keywords “drone Aliexpress” on your favorite search engine, an endless series of results will appear before your eyes.

In fact, using the Aliexpress coupon you will find a large variety of drones at an affordable price, from micro-drones with pocket cameras, to drones with an HD and GPS camera that you can control in real time from your phone, such as the Bebop Drone or the Rolling Spider.

So, the question is: how to find quality drones, with an attractive design and at an affordable price? If in fact until a few years ago no one owned a drone. Today the it is the most popular electronic gadget among people of all ages and origins.
These gadgets, once high-tech and extremely expensive tools, are now considered toys for children and adults. In addition to this, drones are also used by companies and professionals of all kinds: to record videos, take pictures or transport different goods from one place to another. Who can say what they will be used for in a couple of years: the possibilities are endless.*

If you are not a drone expert and need a guide to a responsible and profitable purchase, below you will find valuable information for your first drone!
Lately, it seems that everything we talk about is drones, and it is no longer so rare to look up and see a quadcopter flying around. Therefore, predictably, AliExpress offers a wide range of products of this type, perfect for every need. But where to start? Obviously, from a thorough search on the web!
The most effective terms and keywords used to find drones in AliExpress are as follows:

  • Drone
  • Drone Rc
  • Microdrone
  • Quadcopter
  • Video drone
  • Drone GoPro

Choose the right drone for you!

Some factors to consider when buying a drone are the function, the desired accessories and the distance at which you want to fly it. It’s important to consider whether you will use it outdoors for long distances or if you want to use it in an interior space; if you already have a camera (for example a GoPro) and you want to install it on the drone, or if you prefer to buy a drone with the camera included.

Once these features are taken into account, you need to think of some other factors like size, range, battery life, charging time and camera features. You can find all this information in the “Product Details” tab or in the “Item Specifications” section on AliExpress.
For any other question, you can always contact the seller directly. A drone could be a demanding purchase, especially given the price of certain models. For this reason, we recommend that you request all important information and carry out exhaustive searches.

Remote and combat drones

There are two types of drones: remote-controlled ones – you could call them domestic – and those that the army uses in combat actions. The drone you’re probably looking for is a remote-controlled mini-drone – or even technically called a Quadcopter drone.
A drone is similar to a remote-controlled helicopter, but much more technical and can be used for many different activities, such as making videos of events or breathtaking landscapes. Some drones fly up to 90 meters, so you won’t waste the chance to create unique and exciting videos. Most drones have a front camera, and if it is not included, you can easily mount it on the drone.

The best drones at AliExpress:

AR Drone 2.0 with integrated HD video camera
AR Drone 2.0 is one of the best drones in terms of value for the money: it is in fact relatively cheap and professional. For this reason, it is also one of the most popular and appreciated in many countries. The drone is equipped with an integrated HD video camera and a fantastic application for smartphones and tablets, and is perfect for both beginners and experts.

DJI Phantom

This drone is not only functional, but extremely beautiful: its unique design resembles a bird in flight. Equipped with a GoPro camera, the DJI Phantom is undoubtedly among the best and most professional products on the market. On AliExpress you will find it at the best available price.

Syma X5C

This drone can be purchased on AliExpress for thirty or forty dollars, and is equipped with a fantastic HD camera. Reviews on AliExpress for this product are 100% positive!

Walker QR X350

The Walker QR X350 is more or less a cheaper and less elaborate version of the DJI, but many recommend it and are extremely satisfied with its performance. Almost all the reviews on AliExpress are positive, and are sold for $ 478 compared to the real Phantom which costs $ 1,439 on AliExpress.

Drones Syma

As we have already said, many drones are equipped with cameras and GPS: this is the case of the FPV, which has a camera that sends images in real time to your phone, be it Android or I-Phone. On the other hand, you could also decide to install your GoPro on your new drone: it will be easy to assemble and will work perfectly. AliExpress has many models of this type. The most popular is the quadcopter drone, equipped with four engines with propellers, mounted transversely. Another famous model is the Parrot, but it can be quite expensive. So, if what drives you to buy a drone is simple curiosity, you’ll want to buy a drone manufactured by Syma: they are cheap and of excellent quality.

The best stores to buy cheap Syma on AliExpress are:
Bloomberg Mikki Shop – This store has really good ratings, and sells many Syma models at incredible prices. They also offer spare parts and accessories, such as propellers and batteries.
RC Club Shop – This store is very appreciated by the public, and sells Syma cheaply and functional.
Wellsold – This shop sells various drones with HD cameras and a wide range of accessories.
So, what are you waiting for? Find good quality cheap drones on AliExpress and make them fly!